Alex calling for help

Alex calls for help after Marty goes missing.

Gloria and melman

Melman and Gloria hear Alex's call.

Gloria and marty

Marty hides from Alex behind Gloria.

Main characters in the wild

The main characters hear that a noise the forests of Madagascar

Marty outside the zoo.

Marty vists the outside world.

Marty and penguins

Skipper tells Marty of his theory.

Skipper and private

skipper is telling Private is role in his plan to escape the zoo.

Madagascar movie


The first Madagascar is the first Madagascar film in the series,and what stated the francshine.It strats with the regular routine of the main characters at the zoo until Marty decides to follow the penguins' idea of going to the wild,causing his friends to go after him.This eventually gets to Madagascar.

A Day At the ZooEdit

Marty's Birthday PartyEdit

On BoardEdit

Ship Wrecked!Edit

Welcome To MadagascarEdit

To The Fossa SideEdit

Saving MartyEdit

Just Smile,and WaveEdit