Alex and parents

Florrie with son Alex,and husband Zuba.

Florrie is Alex's mother.It is unknown whather or not she'll in the third movie.She is a loving wife,and mother,and dose'snt like when her family is in danger.



Florrie is a loving wife,and mother.She willing to forgive her husband Zuba to the point of not blaming for Alex's disappance,although she did get mad at him when he made walk off by stating he was'nt a real lion.Florrie saw his return as a miracle,and corrected the misprountion of his birthname.Unlike Zuba,she was not upset about losing the rite of passage,and got worried,and upset when hearing Alex the lion went off the reavsre,and Zuba went after him.


Manunkaga is Zuba's rival for "alpha lion".For this reason,Florrie dids'nt like him.In certain parts of the second movie she showed to distrust him.