Skipper,and Lola on plane

Skipper covering Lola's eyes before the plane crash.

Romantic picture

Lola and Skipper togather at bottom of heart.

Another Skipper,and Lola picture

Lola and Skipper's wedding.

Lola is a dash board hula doll that was Skipper's love interst though out the whole second movie.It's unclear when they "met",as she was not in Merry Madagascar,it can be assumed that met sometime inbtween Merry Madagascar,and February 23rd,as February 23rd was the date on the blackmail photos of her,and Skipper.It can also be assumed that they got married sometime in March.



Lola,as stated above was Skipper's love interst thought the whole second movie.He does'nt relize that she's a dashboard hula doll.It's possibly that he believes that she's a female penguin.Skipper had showed affection towards her in small portions during the second movies,although the full exent of the relationship was reveled when Mason ,and Phil blackmailed Skipper for matieritiy leave,the photos impiled that they're relationship was somewhat physical.Skipper brought her along to save Alex ,and Zuba from Nana ,Lola ended up getting her shot off by Nana causing Skipper to get upset,sounding as if he was tring not to cry.The next scene they are in togather they're married,and Lola has ducktape around her head.


Lola,and Kowaski had no interaction thoughout the second movie,although Kowaski did smile when he saw the blackmail photos of Skipper,and Lola,suggesting that he guessed that there was more to the relationship then Skipper was letting on.Although he might of been amused by the photos like Marty was.


Like with Kowaski,Private had no interaction with Lola thoughout the second movie.Private was seen as one of Skipper's best men at his wedding,where he got slapped for asking to kiss Lola.

Name OrignEdit

According to the FilmMaker'sAutoCommertary Lola got her name from the "Copacabana"song,which is a about a showgirl named Lola.She did not have a name until that song was put in.