Makunga was the main villian in the second Madagascar movie.His goal was to become "alpha lion",something he achived by tricking Alex into believeing that the rite of passage was a dance contest.He did not handle the title of alpha lion well,as the animals believed Zuba should of been in charge,and not him.Makunga lost the alpha lion postion at the end of the movie.It's unknown whither or not he'll be in the third Madagascar movie.



Makunga and Zuba did'nt get along because of Makunga apptemts to become alpha lion.When Zuba forfeited his role as alpha lion,Makunga stepped in,but was forced to go Zuba when the animals did'nt like how he handle watering hole crisis.When Makunga was forced to leave,Zuba took back the role as alpha lion.


Makunga was indirectly resonposbe for Alex's disapparce.When Alex returned,Makunga was happy because he could use Alex to gain the role of alpha lionby making him bekieving believe that the rite of passage a dance contest.When the watering hole dried up,Alex decied to see what was "clogging up the river",which caused Manukaga to laugh.Ironically,this was the beginning of his own undoing,as he forced to go to Zuba by the other animals.