Maurice with King Julien,and Mort in first movie

Maurice is King Julien's advisor.Despite this,king Julien rarely listens to him.He seems to be to smarter then King Julien,and usual points out obvious things,such as how dangerous Alex was.

First Madagascar MovieEdit

Maurice was first seen in the bushes hiding from the fossas obesvering the main characters.Although the other characters seemed safe to him,Alex seemed dangerous to him,but everybody ironged this,until Alex's prodarty insients kicked in.Maurice told Alex's friend what he was,but they did'nt believe him,until Alex himself admitted that they looked like steak.Alex,however,overcome his pretory insects for his friends,and allowed back on the "lemuer side " of the island.

Merry MadagascarEdit

Maurice did'nt have a big role in Merry Madagascar.He was seen explaining the hoilday "Jaunilary" to the main characters,then later,thanking the other lemuers for they'r presents to King Julien looking aggreveted by the task,and King Julien's selfishness.

Second Madagascar MovieEdit

Maurice,like King Julien did'nt have a big role in the second movie.He seen next King Julien during his rise to power towards larger animals.Maurice was'nt a very good bird rider,as he was have trouble riding a flamiglo,and an ortisch.


King JulienEdit

Maurice is King Julien's advior,whom he does'nt listen to often.While Maurice is smart,and some what more serious than King Julien,they do seem to get along well.