Mason is the talking chimp of the chimp duo in the Madagascar films.He is smart,but can't read,and usually serves as Phil 's tranlarter as Phil due to Phil because sign lauagane.Both he,and Phil made a bigger apperance in the second Madagascar film,then the first one.

Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas CaperEdit

Mason,along with Phil made a brief cameo in the Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper.Mason was seen making a Christmas tree out of root beer cans until Phil knocked it down.

First Madagascar MovieEdit

Mason,and Phil did not have a big role in the first Madagascar movie .They'r reason for leaving the zoo was to throw poop at Tom Wolf,who was speaking at Lincoln Center.Like the other animals,they were captuered at Grand Central Station.Mason was later seen on the boat being asked by Skipper if he know how to read,which he repiled no,but Phil did,calling Phil to read what was on the penguins' crate.They stayed in they'r crates thoughout the movie.

Merry MadagascarEdit

Mason nor Phil a apperance in Merry Madagascar .Possbily because they were still in they'r crates,or unintersted in Santa's crash landing.

Second Madagascar MovieEdit

Mason,and Phil had a bigger role in the second Madagascar movie.They were seen playing a game of chess during the plane crash.After the plane crash,both chimps were seen putting on 1940's like clothing in the background.After being told to stay Mason told Phil to "wash his hands out with soap"suggesting Phil said something offasive.They were later seen with an unknown number of chimps to do the job they clearly did'nt want to do,something they ended up doing anyway.Mason,and Phil were later seen being in charge of a union strike against Skipper,and were nagtioring with him,and Kowaski .It was Mason's idea to blackmail Skipper so they get materity leave(although the reason for wanting materity leave is unknown).Mason translanted what the other chimps said while the penguins,Marty ,Gloria ,and Melman were saving Alex ,and his father.Mason,along with Phil were at Skipper,and Lola's wedding .Both were seen taking off to Monte Carlo with the penguins on Skipper,and Lola's honeymoon.



Mason,and Phil are usual seen togather.They shared the same pen at the zoo.Nethier one of were realsed from they'r crates in the first movie.The second movie they both set out to found chimps native to Africa to do the work that Skipper wanted them to do.Mason,and Phil were also in charge in the union strike against Skipper.


After the plane crash Skipper put Mason,and Phil to work,something nethier one of them to do,causing them "recruite" some more chimps.Unforuntately they still had to work,causing Mason,and Phil to lead a uniom work strike against Skipper.Skipper was upset about this as they blackmail him with photos of him,and Lola.Although he probly did'nt hold a grudge as they were seen at his,and Lola's wedding.

Name OrigionEdit

According to the FilmMakers'AutoCommertary Mason got his name from the late British actor James Mason,who Conrad Veron,who voices Mason does his imperssion of.