== Descpition&Personiontly== Phil is the chimp who uses sign lanuagaue to commauate.It's possilbe that he's smarter Mason since he knows how to read,something Mason does'nt know how to do.

Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas CaperEdit

Phil had a brief cameo in Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper.He seen drinking from a can,and knocking over cans stacked like a Christmas tree.

First Madagascar MovieEdit

Phil,like Mason did not have a big role in the first movie.When finding out that Tom Wolf was speaking at Lincoln Center,Phil asked Mason if they were going to throw poop at him,which Mason repiled "of course we'll going poop at him'They were later caught at Grand Central Station were Mason told Phil if he had any poop to throw it now.Phil was later seen on the ship in his crate being summoned by Mason to read what was on the penguins' crate.Nethier one of them left they'r crates thoughout the movie.

Merry MadagascarEdit

Phil,like Mason,did'nt make an apperance in Merry Madagascar.Wither it was because they were still in they'r crates,or were unintersted in Santa's crash landing is unknown.

Second Madagascar MovieEdit

Phil made a bigger apperance in the second Madagascar movie.During the crash landing he,and Mason were playing chess.Afterwards,they were seen in the background putting on 1940's clothing.When skipper told Mason,and Phil to stay to help to work on the plane,Phil said something to Skipper that made Mason tell him to "wash his hands out with soap".Phil,along with Mason recruited some chimps native to Africa to work on the plane instead of themselfs.This plan did'nt work which resulted in Mason,and Phil leading a union strike against Skipper.



Mason,and Phil are usual seen togather.They shared the same cage at the zoo.Mason usual serves as a translater for Phil for the characters don't understand sign lanuage.


When Skipper told Mason,and Phil to stay to help fix the plane he said something offensive,causing Mason to say "Phil,wash you'r hands out with soap".Phil was in charge of union labor strike against Skipper,although it was'nt his idea to blackmail,he was the one who the photos,and showed Skipper them.Phil was not seen when the penguins,Marty,Gloria,and Melman were resucing Alex,and his dad,although he could of been somewhere else.Phil was at Skipper,and Lola's wedding,meaning that Skipper held no grudge about being blackmailed.Phil,like Mason went with Skipper,Lola,and the other penguins to Monte Carlo.