King julien 2

King Julien enjoying first class.

Gloria and moto moto

Gloria mets Moto Moto.

King Julien

King Julien,and Maurice.


Mason,and Phil return with "some recruits"for Skipper.

Mad 2

Nana begins to fight Alex.

Another Skipper,and Lola picture

Skipper slaps Private for asking to kiss Lola.

Skipper,and Lola on plane

Skipper and Lola before the plane crash.

Alex and dad

Alex,and Zuba screaming as the go headfirst into the dam.


This is the Second Madagascar film in the Madagascar film franschine.It's called either Madagascar 2,or Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa.It's about the characters' adventures in Africa when they crash land there.

From Africa to The Zoo to MadagascarEdit

Crash LandingEdit

Welcome To AfricaEdit

Where They Belong....Edit

Or NotEdit

Watering Hole Dried UpEdit

Dam BustersEdit

Staying In AfricaEdit