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    Weekly Countdown

    January 10, 2011 by Dreamworksfan

    I just got a new calender,and because of accendtly ripping the hole during taking off the wrapping it's on my desk.But it's alright,it's fine.I can count down to 2012 without the pictures.According to my calender(and counting)it's 50 more weeks until 2012,which is weird because I heard there's 72 weeks in a year.Oh well.

    I found a way to get my new calender up,by using my old calendar from last year,anyway it's 49 more weeks until 2012!

    It's Sunday,which means it's a new week,it also means that it's 48 weeks until 2012!

    It's now 47 weeks until 2012! Yay!

    Sorry it took so long,but here's the countdown update:46 weeks until 2012!

    It's now 45 weeks until 2012!

    It's now 44 weeks until 2012,and I really need to get to work on my wiki!

    It's now 43 week…

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  • Dreamworksfan

    It's 2011,which means DreamWorks will put the Madagascar 3 website on they'r own website.It'll be just the home page though but here's a few things that I hope will happen:

    Alex(and King Julien)finding a love interst(or Marty)

    Gloria,and Melman getting married

    More screen time for Lola

    More scences with Skipper,and Lola

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