Alex and dad

Zuba,and son,Alex screaming as they'r heading for the dam.

Zuba is Alex's father.He was the alpha lion thoughout the second movie until Maunkaga tricked Alex into failing the rite of passage.He is a good husband,and father,although he seems to expects alot from Alex due to him being the "King of the New York".Zuba regained the title of alpha lion of the end second's unknown if he'll apper in the third Madagscar movie.



Zuba is a good husband,and father.Zuba is willing to listen to Alex's mom,although the movie seemed to surrond Zuba,and Alex's realtionship.Zuba was happy to be reuntied with his son,especially after finding out he was the "King of the New York".but after failing the rite of passage they temorary parted ways due a cutlre clash.They were reunited when Maunkaga told Zuba that Alex what up river,off the reavsretion,he set off to save him.


Maunkaga did'nt like Zuba because he was alpha lion,a title Maunkaga wanted.He was indirectly resonblite for Alex disapperace.When Alex returned Maunkaga tricked Zuba into putting Alex though the rite of passage,which he also tricked Alex into believing that the rites of passage was a dance contest,making him alpha lion.Zuba regained his title at the end of the movie.